How to Grow Strawberries in Baskets

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Many people would love to have a garden, but simply don’t have space in their yard to grow one or may not have a yard at all. The fact is that people who don’t have the land to plant on can do container gardening to grow their vegetables, which is ideal for small plants that don’t require a lot of room for their roots to grow. Container gardening extends to growing strawberries as well. The HGTV website provides detailed instructions on gardening for beginners and shows you new gardening practices so that you can grow strawberries at home if you are limited for space.

One of the best ways for gardening strawberries on a balcony or patio is to do hanging strawberry plants; that way you won’t have to take up open ground where you enjoy entertaining in the summertime with your container berries. HGTV provides photos and instructions to creating your strawberry basket, which involves first lining your basket with heavy plastic. This would be to protect the basket, as well as allow moisture to stay in the potting mixture and benefit your growing strawberries. All good gardening practices start with a fertilized soil mix and is crucial to caring for strawberry plants as well. It is recommended that you use a compost mix for your strawberry baskets, which will be nutrient rich for your strawberries. If you have space, a good practice for making container pots affordable without having to purchase a lot of extra soil would be to keep a compost bin yourself. By keeping a compost bin, you can help reduce waste within your home by putting food scraps into it to break down into the soil and fulfill all your gardening needs. Composting may seem like an unappealing process, but any food that is natural and biodegradable, excluding meat, can be placed in a compost bin, and over the season the food will break down into a pure, black soil. You can also purchase compost at your local garden center if you don’t have the space to compost yourself.

Even though you have started your strawberry plants in nutrient-rich soil, good gardening practices also involve feeding your plants properly throughout the summer. HGTV instructs that you feed your strawberries with fertilizer every two weeks until the plant sets fruits. Fertilizing is important to all fruit and vegetable gardening and necessary if you want to grow your own food because it replenishes nutrients that the plants need to grow and bear fruit. In the case of strawberries, fertilizing will add potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus back to the soil, so that your berries will continue to grow throughout the summer. You will know if your strawberry plants aren’t getting enough nutrition if the plants are yellowing, producing no flowers, and therefore, producing no fruit. As long as you fertilize your plants well, you should be successful with gardening strawberries. Thank you to HGTV for their incredibly informative piece on growing strawberries in baskets. By following their instructions, you can grow strawberries, no matter the space, and have berries for years to come. **

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