How to Jump Start Your Car Safely

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For all vehicle owners, knowing how to jump start your car safely should be a priority. It is common to revive your dead or weak battery using jumper cables, but it is also common to do it unsafely and, therefore, incur preventable injuries.

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Now there is a couple of common sensical steps that everyone should be aware of. Always check the condition of your batteries. Is it damaged, not merely dead? Is it frozen? If so then do NOT try to jump start it. And make sure the batteries are of the same voltage. If you receive one that is of higher voltage, then the electricity from that battery will be too great for your own battery to contain, and hence will damage it and put you and your fellow motorist in great danger. And, of course, like for all electronics, make sure you distinguish between positive and negative ends and connect them appropriately. IMPORTANT: do not connect the negative end of the cable to the terminal of the weak battery, but to some other clean metal part of the engine. And finally, remember to ask your fellow motorists permission and thank them for their time!

Once everything is connected - that the cars are not touching - then you can attempt to jump start your car. Once your car is on, and engine recharged, then disconnect the cables in reverse order. Always work carefully - you are working with high voltage here, and any mishaps could be life threatening.

For a complete and detailed how-to instructions and safety guides for jump starting your car, go to �Family Handyman� website link below.

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