How to keep a kid pool clean naturally without chemicals

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If you have a pool in your yard, you know that adding chemicals to the pool water is part of the duty of having a pool. We just kind of accept that all pools need to have chlorine and other chemicals in them to keep germs from spreading from person to person. How did the idea of a pool even begin? The very first swimming pool was known as the "Great Bath" in Mohenjo-Daro in 3rd millennium BC, which is now known as Pakistan. From then on, the Greeks and Romans created swimming pools to practice in for Olympic competitions. We still enjoy pools in the same way today, and also just for a leisurely swim or to play in during the really warm weather. In places that experience really high temperatures like Arizona for example, pools are an absolute must. Even if you don't experience hot weather all the time where you live, you know how amazing it feels to jump into a cool pool of water on a really hot day. Which is why, even if you don't have an underground pool, you might invest in an above ground pool or even an inflatable pool. But even these smaller pools get gross pretty quickly if they don't have some kind of water purifier in them and the water can turn green and get all sorts of algae growing in it too.

The chemicals that usually purify pools are so harsh though, and you might be looking for some natural cleaners to keep the pool water clean instead of the chlorine. Reuse Grow Enjoy shares with us some cleaning tips that will help you keep your pool algae free and crystal clear all summer long without the use of chemicals. That's right, there are natural cleaners that help you keep the water in your pool nice and clean. This is a great tip, but it's best used in smaller kiddie pools like the one you see here, not the larger pools because they have a higher volume of water to treat. So you're probably still going to have to use the chlorine to treat the water for those pools. As long as your pool doesn't hold too much water, you should be fine to use the natural cleaners in place of the chlorine. The only other option is to dump out the water from the pool when the water is too dirty and use it to water your plants. But it can get annoying to have to refil the pool ever few days.

So try this, just add in a cup of white distilled vinegar into the pool water and mix it around with your hand. The vinegar will keep the algae from forming and it won't cause any or the irritations that chlorine can cause. Just do this when you fill the pool up and it should make the water last for much longer. It won't make it stay clear forever so you will still have to dump out the water every now and then but just not as often. You may not want to use the vinegar water to water your plants, because the vinegar could be too acidic for your plants and may kill them off. Another thing you can do to keep your kid's pool nice and clean is to skim it with a pool skimmer every day to take the bugs out of it. This can go a long way and only takes a few minutes. You could also try covering it too. Try out this tip and see if it works to keep your kiddie pool cleaner.***

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