How To Keep Eggs For 9 To 12 Months

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This diy kitchen hacks on how to Keep Eggs For 9 To 12 Months will ensure that you always have eggs on hand. You may have powdered egg and other egg substitutes in your kitchen, but they just don't compare to the real thing when you feel like a fried egg or some scrambled eggs. This food hacks and egg preservation methods will ensure that you alway have eggs for when you are craving a cream puff recipes that is cooked to perfection. With this food hacks for your kitchen, you will have a much better alternative to powdered eggs and egg substitutes. There is more than one way of preserving eggs and egg preservation methods, but the following food hacks for your kitchen is one of the best diy kitchen hacks. These egg preservation methods were shared by a farmer, and this diy kitchen hacks only needs some mineral oil, the eggs, and cartons to do the food hacks. You should also have a pair of food handling gloves to do this preserving eggs kitchen hack.

To start this preserving eggs kitchen hack you want to warm up the mineral oil slightly as it will spread better and spread it all over the eggs. Then for this diy kitchen hacks, you will put your eggs back in the carton, with the narrow tip of the egg facing downwards. You will then store the eggs in a cool, dry, place. With this egg preservation methods for added taste and texture, you'll want to flip over the eggs every 30 days. The reason this preserving eggs kitchen hack works is that when eggs come out of the chicken they already naturally have a coating that enables them to last at cool room temperatures for long amounts of time. But when you purchase eggs from the grocery store, the natural coating has been washed off, and the eggs have been sanitized. So for this kitchen hack you are essentially replacing the coating with mineral oil, and simply replacing what Mother Nature already did in the first place. For this egg preservation methods, you can find the mineral oil in the pharmacy section of your grocery stores. And if you accidently crack part of the shell into whatever recipe you are making, not to worry as a little bit of mineral oil won't hurt you. It is not essential to warm up the mineral oil before trying this kitchen hack, but warming it up does make it much easier to spread the mineral oil onto the egg. It also helps to put on some thin plastic food handling gloves for this diy kitchen hacks technique as they will keep your hands from getting slimy.

Using this diy kitchen hacks and egg preservation methods you can take advantage of good sales on fresh eggs without having to worry about having enough room to store them in your refrigerator. This egg preservation method will allow you to have whole, real eggs that are good for nine to twelve months without the need for refrigeration. You can use this egg preservation method on either fresh eggs or store-bought eggs. With the fresh eggs lasting a bit longer than the store-bought eggs.

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