How to kill bed bugs in carpet

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It's very common to find bed bugs in your bedroom and especially in your mattress and boxspring. They are called bed bugs after all, so it makes sense that they would be most commonly found in your bed or bedding. So often, people will make the mistake of thinking that bed bugs only hade out in your bed when they can actually hide pretty much anywhere. Even in your carpets. Typically, bed bugs will hide anywhere during the day that's in relative proximity to the bed so that they can come out at night and make their way over to you to feed on your blood. If you currently have a bed bug infestation, you likely have bed bugs hiding in more than one place in your home. So for most bed bugs treatments to work, you'll need to clean your entire room and sometimes your entire home depending on how far the bed bug infestation has spread. To check for bed bugs, you'll want to look for small bugs the size of an apple seed that are reddish brown in colour. They'll be enlarged when they have fed on some blood and flat when they haven't. You should also look out for darker brown stains from their excrement and also their tiny white eggs which also need to be destroyed. Even one bed bug surviving could lead to a bed bug infestation, which is why it's also so important to stay on top of the bed bug removal protocol.

So when you notice bed bugs in your home, take out any of the smaller items that have been infested like small pillows, clothing and decor. Wash these things in the washing machine in hot water and then take your vacuum into your room with bed bugs and vacuum all of your furniture to capture any bed bugs. Once you've done a good vacuuming you should then make sure that you remove the bag from your vacuum and throw it in the trash and remove it from your house right away. You will also find bed bugs and their eggs in your carpets so it's very important to vacuum your carpets well. If you have wall to wall carpeting make sure to pay attention to the areas near the walls and baseboards. Then vacuum the rest of the carpet and then throw away the bag after doing this as well. The best way to get rid of bed bugs in your carpets is toe steam the carpets with a steam cleaner. The high heat will kill the bed bugs and suck them up into the cleaner.

You can also get a non-toxic bed bug spray or powder like diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it all over your carpets. Diatomaceous earth will dehydrate the bugs, and they will die pretty shortly after. Tea tree oil will also be an effective bed bug removal treatment, and you can make your own tea tree bed bug spray by adding it to a spray bottle with a bit of water and dish soap. The tea tree oil and dish soap will kill the bed bugs. You can just spray the entire carpet with the tea tree oil mixture and then allow it to sit on the carpets for a few hours before you steam clean it. Combining natural remedies will really help you in your bed bug removal process, and it will help you get on top of your bed bug infestation. For any bed bug treatment to be effective you must keep on checking for bed bugs all the time and keep repeating the process even at the sign of just one bed bug.***

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