How to Make a Birch Wood Reindeer

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If you are looking for fun decorations to jazz up your home during the holiday season or even to give as gifts, these birch wood reindeer are sure to entice you. The instructions for making these whimsical reindeer come from a contributor to, Johnathan Fong, and include detailed steps along with photos to create this fun diy project. While this diy project involves specific tools like a drill or hammer, these reindeer are relatively easy to complete. With a practice run or two, each wooden reindeer is sure to turn out beautifully, and even if they don’t, the rustic is appearance is part of the appeal.

Birch branches are an essential ingredient to this diy woodworking project and a perfect use for birch trimmings from yard maintenance. Alternatively, birch branches can be found at crafting stores or garden centers, especially during the holiday season. If using birch harvested outdoors, it will require cleaning before use. Simply brush the excess dirt or insects from the birch before applying it to your diy crafts for home. If you want to use birch bark for a specific diy craft, you can apply steam to make it pliable, but that step isn’t necessary here since the entire log is being used. Birch can rot from the inside out due to high moisture, and therefore, will require drying before using in wood working or crafts. A general rule is to allow birch to dry for one year for each inch of thickness. Therefore, if you use a three-inch diameter log for crafting, it would require three years of drying time. This is a general rule, and the ultimate amount of drying will be dependant on the condition of the wood when cut. If using store-bought, you won’t have to worry about the drying process. Using quality dried birch will allow these reindeer crafts to have a lengthy life as a decoration for your home. If desired, other varieties of wood from tree trimmings can be used to complete these reindeer. Just make sure the wood is still the diameter specified in the instructions or else the project won't produce the small reindeer seen in the photos. You could remove the bark from whatever wood you choose to use and varnish it for a more refined appearance to your diy wood project.

Fun diy projects are something to take on all year long, and not just around Christmas time. Consider using Johnathan Fong's instructions as a template for all future diy wood projects. If desired, cut wood in the shape of cat ears and omit the twig antlers. Get creative and see what other things to make out of wood.

Next time you want diy crafts for home, choose this birch wood reindeer project, which inspires a woodland theme to holiday decorating. These diy reindeer will become beloved fixtures in your home by using quality products or drying and caring for harvested birch correctly. Thank you to Johnathan Fong, contributor to, for showing us how to make these adorable birch wood reindeer for the holiday season.

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