How to make a bird seed wreath

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This easy to make project to do is a great idea for the bird lover in the family. You can try this easy do it yourself craft with a ring pan mold from unflavored gelatin and bird seed and watch the birds enjoy. This diy idea is a fun project to do with a child, too. For this do it yourself craft you will need plain Knox gelatin, warm water, light corn syrup, flour and bird seed. The equipment you will need includes a bowl, a Bundt or ring pan, spoon or whisk, Non-stick oil spray, wide ribbon or fabric remnant and hook or metal ring. This do it yourself craft wreath will be eaten up eventually, but they will last longer in the dry weather, and it’s easy to make more when needed. For the full tutorial on this do it yourself craft you will want to take a look at the Flea Market Gardening site.

These bird seed wreaths will be eaten up eventually, but they will last a long time in dry weather, and it’s easy to make more. It is easy to get started on this diy idea for feeding birds, but novice birders often make simple mistakes when it comes to feeding birds, that may keep the birds from enjoying seed feeders. While some mistakes only make seed feeders unattractive, other mistakes can endanger the birds or even drive the birds away. Feeding the birds requires more than just putting out some birdseed, and you'll want to avoid the following top bird feeding mistakes that can ensure a healthy, nutritious buffet for a wide range of bird species to enjoy.

When it comes to feeding birds, there are birds that will have different diet preferences, and a variety of species that prefer different feeder styles. Open feeders that have trays or perches will attract a good variety of birds, but to help maximize bird feeding, it is a good idea to use different feeders. Consider a mesh sock bird feeder for goldfinches, a nectar feeder for hummingbirds, mealworm dishes for bluebirds, suet feeders for woodpeckers, and jelly feeders for Orioles. Birds can be forgiving if a seed feeder is empty for a few days, but a bird feeder that is consistently empty won't attract the birds. Wild birds won't starve if the bird feeders are empty as they get most of their food from natural sources. But the birds also won't return to an unreliable feeder food source. Refilling your bird feeders will promptly will attract a wider variety of birds in every season and will also help keep the bird feeder clean and in good repair. Bread may be made from healthy grains, but heavily processed bread products such as crackers, donuts, cookies, cereals, and more are junk food for wild birds. These unhealthy products do not provide adequate nutrition for adult birds or growing hatchlings of any bird species. While bread and other kitchen scraps may be a very rare treat for backyard birds, it should never be food that is fed to them exclusively. It is a mistake to assume that wild birds aren't picky about the bird feeders being clean. A dirty bird feeder can become clogged, and both wet or spoiled bird seed can transmit diseases to backyard birds, which can then spread to an entire neighborhood bird flock. Dirty bird feeders are also more susceptible to damage and wear, which makes them less useful over time and requires more frequent feeder replacements.

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