How to make a DIY Mosquito Trap

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At this time of year, it will be good to know how to make a DIY mosquito trap. Depending on where you live, of course, mosquitoes can be a real pain. And if you are on vacation by any water, it just gets worse. Add a few degrees of heat, and those little critters can drive you inside for most of the day. And it you don’t like to wear mosquito repellent, and many of us do not, you can be really stuck.

Kids often get hit the worst. Some can be allergic, and mosquito bites can swell and really irritate their tender skin. But sometimes putting on mosquito repellent can cause even worse issues, irritate skin even more, get in eyes and really cause trouble, stain furniture, and all manner of concern. There are more than 3,500 varieties of mosquitoes, but nobody likes any of them. They can carry disease, and it’s important to not get bitten for that reason. You can try to wear long sleeves and there is clothing now that contains anti-mosquito ingredients in it, but these can sometimes emit chemicals that you might not want your kids to be around.

Sometimes it seems like the bugs have won it all. And sometimes, they have, especially just after a rain, or when it is a warm and moist evening. But they don’t have to win everything. This site offers an easy to make mosquito catcher that may make your life a bit more bearable. And the nice thing is that if the stuff gets spilled, other little critters get in to it (or the kids) they won’t be hurt by this concoction. It is quite edible, if rather disgusting to consider. So try out this little trick to make a DIY Mosquito Trap and make your life a little more pleasant this summer.

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