How to Make a Kid-Friendly Cheese Board Even Adults Will Love

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A good cheese board should have something for everyone you are entertaining. Cheese boards are a food idea that isn't just for adults anymore. If you have children or kids that will be visiting over the holidays, you want to be sure and have food ideas and a cheese board they can enjoy too. You'll want to take a look at the Foodie Crush site and see the top 10 tips for creating the ultimate kid-friendly food idea cheese board that kids will love and that you as the host can serve proudly. The cheese platter is the place that everyone at the party is sure to gather. You want to make food ideas and easy snacks for entertaining that no one can get enough of. But the thing with cheese boards is that they are typically geared to the more refined tastes of adults. You may have been at a party or created a cheese board yourself that has extra strong blues and extra ripe cheddars, along with peppered and spiced charcuterie and fancy triple-creamed wedges you spent a fortune on that nobody ends up eating. And creating a kid-friendly cheese board doesn’t have to look like it's for the kids with things like animal shaped formations cut out of cheeses and veggies. You will want to take a look at the Foodie Crush site and see the ten tips for creating a cheeseboard the kids will love too. The following are just some of the tips you will find on the site.

1. Choose kid-friendly varieties of cheese. Creating a cheese board that the kids will love starts with cheeses that the kids will be happy to eat. When it comes to the different varieties of cheese kids like, you can choose milder cheese varieties such as a mild cheddar over a sharp cheddar. Some suggestions on cheese varieties the kids will love to include mild cheddar, Colby jack, swiss, pepper jack, Monterey jack, provolone, mozzarella, and swiss. Another good idea is to use mozzarella string cheese.

2. Vary the cuts of cheese. Creating a good variety of sizes and thickness of the cheese varieties you choose makes for a more interesting cheese plate and easy snacks for entertaining. Use pre-sliced thin cuts of cheeses to help layer and tuck into smaller spaces on the plate, and chunk cheese to cut into cheese cubes or longer lengths of cheese to fill in your cheese platter.

3. Add crackers and crunchy stuff to the cheese plate. When it comes to kids, don’t feel compelled to use seeded crackers or uniquely flavored crackers. Instead, try sticking with the basic types of crackers that kids love. Some cracker and crunchy ideas include thin wheat crackers, pretzels, butter crackers, Goldfish crackers, potato chips, soda crackers and thin slices of baguette.

4. Add fruits and vegetables to make mom happy. When you put fruits and vegetables in front of them, the kids love them as much as the adults, as long as they are the right type of fruit and vegetable. Again, you want to keep with the basics. Vary the selection of fruits and vegetables by color, simplicity and crunch factor in preparing and picking up. Cut some fruits and vegetables into wedges, some in coin-shaped slices, and others in longer lengths to add variety to your cheese platter’s look. Place round shaped fruits and veggies strategically to soften the hard edges or separate the colors too similar. You will find ten tips on how to make a kid-friendly cheese board that the adults will love too at the Foodie Crush site. On the site, you will find breakfast recipes, lunch recipes, family-friendly recipes, dessert recipes and more. **

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