How to make a mason jar foaming soap dispenser

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Buying soap in a container can be expensive, but it can also create a lot of waste over the years too. Learn how to make a cute diy soap pump with Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl. Brittany received some cute blue mason jars from her sister, and she knew she had to do something fun with some of them. So she instantly thought about what fun diy projects she could do with them. Her sister inspired her to create a soap dispenser out of one of them which she thought was a great idea. So she got to making a diy tutorial for making one of these cute mason jar soap dispensers. Sure, you can buy one of these soap dispensers, but why spend money on one when you can make one yourself for little to nothing? Brittany decided she didn't want any regular soap pump either; she wanted the foaming soap pump which just makes things even more fun. Her diy ideas are very simple and easy to make, so in no time you'll have your very own decorative soap dispenser. You can make one for your bathroom and even for your kitchen if you like. All you need is a small piece of wood, a drill, a 1.5-inch drill bit, a mason jar with a lid, a clamp, a sharp utility knife and the soap to put into the jar after. You also need the bottle and the pump that comes with the soap bottle.

First, take the lid off of the mason jar and then measure and put a pencil mark on the centre of the lid. Then clamp it with your clamp to the piece of wood. Next, take your drill and drill a hole in the lid on the mark you made. If the drill bit gets stuck, you can stop and use your utility knife instead to cut the entire hole out. Then, pour your soap into the jar. Use the knife and cut the very top off of the soap bottle, the part with the threads on it. Then, hold the mason jar lid over the neck of the bottle you just cut free and then twist on the pump to secure it in place on the mason jar lid. Now you can finally put the entire mason jar lid back onto the jar with the soap inside and test it out. The soap should come out in a nice foamy lather. When you run out of soap, just get a larger container of foaming soap to refill the jar with. You can also make your own foaming soap by mixing water into your favourite liquid soap so that it pumps through the foaming dispenser. You can also use liquid dish soap too.

One thing you'll want to be aware of when you're using mason jars for diy ideas is that if they have liquid stored in them or they get wet, they might rust. You can prevent this by sealing the lid with clear nail polish to protect the metal. If you already have rust on your lid, you can clean it off and apply the nail polish, or get a new lid and redo the entire project if you feel up to it. You can also use the matching mason jars to store your makeup brushes, Q-tips, cotton balls and toothbrushes. You could even use a larger mason jar to store dish soap in in the kitchen too. If you don't have any mason jars around, you can easily find them at thrift stores or dollar stores for fairly cheap, and they can be used for a ton of different fun diy projects.***

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