How To Make Buffalo Chicken Wings in the Oven

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For me, it does not have to be Superbowl or any other sporting event to have the craving for wings. This recipe will show you how to make Buffalo chicken wings in the oven that are super delicious. When it comes to flavors and sauces you can basically take your pick whether it is a class BBQ (my fave!), a dry rub or else a hot and spicy sauce with Louisiana hot sauce.

To make things wings even crispier, a little tip is to steam them for 10 minutes first, chill for 45 in your fridge and then place them in the broiler. This will help to get rid of some of the fat and make them crispier in the oven. Generally also, it is a good idea to add the sauce to the wings after they are cooked. Another benefit of this method is that it will decrease the cooking time in the oven. It is great for large groups because you can keep popping the batches into the oven and they will be ready quicker if this was done ahead of time.

You can roll them around in the sauce of your choice while they are still piping hot. Some people will choose to roll their raw chicken wings in the sauce first and save some for later, but of course keep in mind the food safety aspect of throwing away the sauce that you rolled the raw wings in, and not using it for dipping, which could spread bacteria and you could get sick.

For the full list of ingredients and directions for how to make buffalo chicken wings in the oven, check out the link below to the 'Kitchn' website.

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