How To Make Chicken Wontons

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Here is a How To Make Chicken Wontons recipe that can show you the best way to get this great Oriental meal on to your dinner table. Combine this with some rice and stir fry veggies and you have a great meal to go with this chicken wontons recipe. And, as an added bonus, this chicken wontons recipe includes a dipping sauce recipe too. Both are made pretty much from scratch and using authentic ingredients so you can expect great flavor as a result. This chicken wonton recipe also includes chopped shrimp and even fish sauce, both signs of the authenticity of the recipe. Do not leave either ingredient out. Both add tremendous flavor. And, although some people do not care for the strong and pungent flavor and taste of fish sauce, add at least a tiny amount to capture the truly Oriental nature of this dish. When you add dipping sauce to the wontons, you will not even notice the umami characteristic of the fish sauce, but it will help to satisfy your taste buds by bringing a complexity to the dish it will not have otherwise.

This chicken wonton recipe is quite easy to make, and learning how to make chicken wontons is a fun thing to do. Although it is beyond the ability of an amateur baker or cook, they can still help to prepare some aspects of the recipe. For example, the young cook can easily prepare the dipping sauce. It begins with a commercial sweet chili sauce. That sauce is then blended with fresh cilantro and lime juice. These two ingredients will add plenty of fresh punch and tang to the sauce, and make it taste much more like a made from scratch dip.

Some of the ingredients are quite specialized in this dish including the white pepper. Although it might seem expensive initially, treat yourself and buy the white pepper to use in this chicken wontons recipe. It is a much milder part of the peppercorn, just the inside, and besides not adding color to the dish, which is part of this pepper’s appeal to cooks, it is also a much milder flavor. In this wonton recipe, it might not make a huge difference, but if you want to really be strict about the authentic taste, make the purchase. This is a great Chicken Wontons recipe, and it is not difficult to make. Wontons are a great balance of nutritious ingredients, and even though they are fried, just use a good oil, and take the opportunity to use one that is loaded with omega three fatty acids, a fat that we often do not get enough of. Otherwise, enjoy this terrific dish. Serve with greens and rice.

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