How to Make Cream Cheese

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There are some things that you might have not even thought about making yourself at home, like cream cheese, for example! Well. here is a tutorial on how to make cream cheese so you can try it out for yourself at home! Sometimes with the contemporary conveniences of our modern day life, we forget how things were once made. We forget that not too long ago, if we wanted things like cheese and milk, we went out and milked our cow and then cultured the cream and waited for our cheese. Now we can just go to the store and get it in a nice little package. We don't have to worry about milking the cow and all the other labor that goes into making the finished product!

But if you do want to get a little bit more simplistic and know where your food is coming from, you could try out this great recipe and make your very own cream cheese! If you don't have cows to get your own milk, than you can just buy some high quality cream at your local grocery store. The results will be the same pretty much.

The origin of cheese goes back at least 4000 years. It is a food and food making process that came from East to West. Lore has it that an Arabian merchant needed a way to transport his milk. He stored the milk in the ruminant or stomach of dead animals and when he arrived at his destination the milk had curdled and the first cheese was born. Today cheese is made using more sophisticated methods, but the idea of using bacteria to generate particular flavors remains and important part of the cheese making process.

Best cheese often reflects the region where it is made, and cheese makers can follow cheese making traditions that are hundreds of years old. Some extraordinary cheeses are still aged in the same ancient caves that contain a unique bacteria that gives the cheese its particular flavor.

Cheese can be as complex to develop as the finest wines, and worldwide competitions to win best cheese status are fierce. If you are ever lucky enough to attend a cheese show you will be treated to cheeses that you may not ever have imagined. You can taste cheese made from goat milk, sheep, or cows.

I knew cheese was an intensive process and so seeing exactly how its done gives me a new appreciation for it all together. The author of this blog says that it is so much better than the store bought kind too! Which I can totally imagine it would be, hands down.

Once you have made it yourself you probably would find yourself understanding why cheese costs so much too! You could even flavour the cream cheese with different fruits, spices or herbs. I would be such a fun project to try out at least once! Head over to The Prairie Homestead by following the link in the description below for more!

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