How to Make Dumplings

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A favorite to order at a Japanese, Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant is always Gyoza, those nice little dumplings with the dipping sauce. Now you can try your hand at making them at home with this tutorial on How to Make Japanese-Style Pork and Cabbage Dumplings Gyoza! If you have ever eaten at an Asian restaurant of any kind, you will know that dumplings are a mainstay on the menu. They are fairly easy to make at home too, if you have the patience and ingredients to do so, and maybe some help too! I have made my own version of these, a vegetarian version, and they turned out really well and they honestly were not that difficult to make.

There are slight differences between the kind of gyoza that you would find in a Chinese over a Japanese or Vietnamese restaurant. Just like there are other things like Ramen, that are adapted into another cuisine, like Chinese, gyoza happen to be one of those things and there is not much difference between the gyoza from different cuisines. The only thing the author thinks is a little different is the thinness of the shell, and the Japanese ones seem a little bit more garlicky than the other Chinese ones.

This recipe is very well outlined and gives us a lot of information on the little appetizers. The author even writes about how as a child his mother used to have them all do a gyoza day where they made a bunch to eat that night and to freeze for use throughout the months, and then once they were all gone, they would do it all over again. So he continues to make them, even around the same table they would make them at as a kid. And he shares with us the process! Head over to 'Serious Eats' by following the link in the section below for more!

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