How To Make Fried Apple Pie Desserts

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Have you been wanting to learn How To Make Fried Apple Pie Desserts? Today is your lucky day. And it is taught through YouTube so you can cook along with the presenters of this recipe. Bath County's Edith Bradley, the recipe creator, makes the presentation for the first time ever, on YouTube.

Edith Bradley says the secret lies in dried apples. She orders her from New York, but you may be able to find them in your bulk food store. The process takes two days to prepare the apples for the frying process. On the second day, once the apples are prepared, you make a shortening based biscuit dough to use for the fried apple pie dessert. Bradley’s dough is wonderfully tender as you will see on the video and so really conducive to the filling and the entire process. She also just uses ordinary tools to cut out the circles in the dough. Nothing special is needed in order to make these lovely pies, beyond dried apples, of course.

Edith Bradley uses lard in all her cooking, buying it, as she remarks on the YouTube that she gets lard in “25 pound buckets” to meet all her cooking needs. She eschews the current wisdom that there is any problem using this type of lard in cooking. Seeing how slim, intelligent and witty she is at such a ripe age might convince you that she is right, too! In any event, the YouTube shows how much lard is used to cook the biscuits. Edith recommends eating them while they are warm because they taste best then. She is probably right, having made them for some 50 years! Try this recipe yourself, even using the lard just for fun. After all, using something like that once in a while is not going to be a problem in a well balanced diet. And they do look delicious.

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