How To Make Fudge With Children Using only 3 Ingredients

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If you love chocolate, then you are sure to love this recipe for fudge candy. After you try the recipe once, it is sure to make your list of favorites. You might take a batch of this dessert recipe to a holiday party, a dinner party and keep one batch home. What you will love most about this recipe for fudge candy is that it only takes three ingredients, and five minutes to make. It's so easy; you'll want to get the kids to help out. Not only is this recipe for fudge candy simple to make it’s not super sweet, so people will keep coming back for more. And while this recipe for fudge candy is easy, the fudge mix can get quite hot after it has cooked in the microwave. So you'll want to be sure and assist the kids with removing the bowl from the microwave with oven mitts. You'll also want to help the kids with the mixing and pouring and cutting of the fudge. The three simple ingredients you will need for this easy recipe for fudge candy include semisweet chocolate chips or you can choose any chocolate chip flavor you like, a can of sweetened condensed milk

and butter.

When it comes to chocolate, some people have a preference for what they like more. Many people agree that chocolate is delicious, but the chocolate itself can come in a variety of shapes and flavors. From dark chocolate to milk chocolate, and inexpensive chocolate to refined, the taste variations of chocolate are based on the concentration of original cocoa in the chocolate, the quality of the ingredients and the additives used. While chocolate is often enjoyed alone, chocolate also pairs well with other foods. Dark chocolate is a recipe that has more original cocoa present, but even dark chocolate can come in a variety of cocoa concentrations. Dark chocolate bars have anywhere from 35 percent cocoa content with cocoa solids with cocoa butter up to 100 percent cocoa, with unsweetened chocolate without other ingredients or additives. Dark chocolate is a recipe that is naturally more bitter tasting than milk chocolate, but the levels of cocoa that are higher than 80 percent make the chocolate especially bitter due to low sugar levels. Sweet chocolate-lovers often do not tolerate the taste of dark chocolate with this high cocoa content well.

As for milk chocolate, this is the sweeter counterpart to dark chocolate and the basis for many popular candy bars and sweet treat recipes. Milk chocolate has less of the original cocoa bean than dark chocolate does. Milk chocolate contains cocoa solids, but it is also diluted with milk solids, cream and sugar, which gives the milk chocolate a smoother, creamier taste with less bite. The name of milk chocolate fits, as it has a milkier taste than dark chocolate. In addition to the taste, milk chocolate often has a creamier texture than dark chocolate. The quality of your chocolate has a huge impact on how the chocolate will taste. Products that are manufactured by large, commercial companies are intended to last a long time on the shelf and tend to be relatively inexpensive for buyers. Cheap milk chocolate often has a waxy taste. The same goes for low-quality dark chocolate which can also taste bland and offensive. Often the cheap, low-quality chocolate recipes contain artificial flavorings, which comes across in the taste. Many small, independent chocolate chocolatiers and producers aim for a more refined taste in their products.

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