How To Make Hand Pulled Mozzarella

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Have you ever considered making your own mozzarella? Learning how to make hand-pulled mozzarella can be a terrific bit of family fun and start a new tradition that will fast become a favorite family pastime. Kids will put away their ipods, ipads, iphones, and other i-whatevers and come in to help pull mozzarella.

This can be a good party project once the mozzarella has been actually developed and cooked. Making the cheese requires care and attention so these steps might be better handled by an adult with the kids called in once the whey has been removed from the curds and you are beginning to pull the mozzarella in to shape.

When you look closely at most mozzarella, even varieties made industrially, you can see the lines created where the curds have been folded over and over to pull the cheese into shape. It is a fascinating process and lots of fun for everyone. Be sure that sleeves are rolled back and jewelry has been removed. It's also a good idea to put long hair back in a hair band so it doesn't fall in to the mixture as you work with it.

This particular recipe makes about one pound of mozzarella. When you pull mozzarella by hand it is quite a bit less elastic than commercial varieties. You will notice how tender it feels in your mouth and the flavor is much richer and creamier than you may have had in the past. If you leave it in the fridge (if any of it makes it there) the mozzarella will tighten up and become chewy. Don't let the mozzarella stay long in the fridge, though. Fresh cheese does not last long because it has no additives or preservatives to extend shelf life.

Mozzarella is one of several well-known Italian cheeses and is widely used in all kinds of pasta dishes. Mozzarella can be paired with other Italian cheeses such as ricotta to create a wonderfully mild flavor or put against the more robust cheese, Parmesan. Either way, or alone, mozzarella is a versatile and tasty cheese that your family will love even more if they have helped to make it.

Why not plan a mozzarella pulling party tonight?

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