How to make homemade clove oil to fight mold

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Mould is a fairly common household issue, especially in areas that experience high humidity. If you have mould in your home, chances are it's in your bathroom. The bathroom is the most common place in the home to find mould because it's usually dark, damp and moist and mould needs all of these things to thrive and survive. Mildew and some types of mould are not harmful, but black mould can be very harmful to our health. That's why large areas of mould will need to be cleaned professionally, but smaller areas of mould will be okay for you to clean on your own. At the first sight of mould, it's important to clean it all up as soon as you possibly can. This will stop it from getting worse. You will also need to locate the source of the mould which can be anything from a leak in the roof to a pipe leak or standing water. It's great that there are some great cleaning tips out there now that help us clean up the mould with natural cleaners instead of using harsh bleaches and chemicals. All of these cleaning tips shared by Jillee from One Good Thing About Jillee are chemical free and very easy to do. So get out your natural cleaning supplies and get cleaning.

For this natural cleaner, you'll be using clove oil which has anti-fungal properties that will actually kill mould spores. To make your own mould killing clove oil, you will need some whole cloves, olive oil, cheesecloth, string, aluminium foil, a mason jar, a bowl, a pan and a spray bottle. All you do is crush 1 tablespoon of whole cloves which can be done with a mortar and pestle or a coffee grinder. Then you take a piece of cheesecloth and put the ground cloves in the centre of it and tie it with the string into a bundle. Next, pour 1 cup of olive oil into a glass jar, then put the sachet of cloves in the oil and cover the top of the jar with a piece of aluminium foil. Then you'll boil some water and put the jar into a metal bowl in the water to create a double boiler. Allow the oil with the cloves in it to heat for about an hour, checking on it frequently. Once an hour is up, you can remove the cloves in the cheesecloth from the oil, and you'll be left with your own homemade clove oil. You can also use clove essential oil too if you want to skip these steps. To make your mould killing cleaner, just add one teaspoon of clove oil in 2 ounces of water to a small spray bottle. Then, when you're ready to use it, just shake it well and start to spray it all over the affected areas.

You will want to allow the oil work for at least 20 minutes; then you can wipe it off and spray with another all natural cleaner like plain white vinegar which also kills mould and will freshen your shower and kill any other bacteria that's lingering. Scrub the mouldy areas with a brush and make sure you wear protective gear, so you don't inhale the mould or get it in your eyes. Stay on top of the mould by spraying any new mould with the clove oil treatment and cleaning your shower thoroughly each week. Mould grows very quickly, so it's important to keep it under control before it causes bigger issues. Try these cleaning tips and see how well natural cleaners kill mould and prevent it from returning.***

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