How to Make Lego Gummy Candy

Photo Credit: The King of Random

Does a kid like anything more than food he or she can play with first, before eating it? This YouTube video will show you how to make Lego gummy candy, a fun treat and snack for our kids and for the kid in each one of us.

The creator of this snack (?) toy (?), well, you will have to decide, is the King of Random. He is totally awesome. This video runs about 6-ish minutes and you will laugh your way through the whole thing. And your mind will be filled with crazy ideas about how you can use this recipe for Lego gummy candy for any number of projects. The King of Random guides you through every step, project ideas, and as well, how you can run in to problems and what to do to correct them. It is a great how-to video.

The recipe is easy and you likely already have all or most of the ingredients at home. Even if you do not, they are all readily available at most grocery stores. The project takes only minutes to put together, but does require all day or even overnight for the gummy candy to be finished.

It also seems like a good project for young people; however, it requires a bit of precision, technique and care that might put it beyond their skill level. Once the gummy material is prepared, though, older children might have fun deciding what to pour the liquid into for final shapes. Still, they will have to wait for the liquid to solidify, a process that may take many hours, before they will see their results.

This project is beyond the scope of very little hands, although since it is a bright and colorful and edible project, and especially since the edible is gummy candy, there will no doubt be plenty of interest in what you are doing. As a surprise, adults could prepare the liquid overnight, set it in the molds, and surprise kids with the results the next day.

This project is a totally fun thing to do, both for the children who are on the receiving end of it, and for the adult who gets to make the gummy candy. Set aside the technology and television next weekend and try this project out for yourself. You will be so glad you did. Find out how to make this recipe from The King of Random website.

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