How to make linen spray: homemade lavender linen spray recipe

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When it comes to healthy living, we know that it's important to be mindful of what we put in our body, but it's equally important to be mindful about what cleaners and products we're using too. Lotions, perfumes, house cleaners and even air fresheners can contain harmful toxins that aren't good for us or the environment. All of the lovely scented air fresheners you buy at the store may not even have natural scents in them. They are most likely artificial scents that don't contain any part of the natural plant. Just like artificial colouring and flavouring can be bad for our health, so too can these artificial scents. If you enjoy using air fresheners like Fabreeze, you might want to consider using a more natural product instead. This lavender linen spray recipe is one of the natural cleaners and diy ideas you can make yourself at home. The linen spray will freshen up your upholstery, fabrics, pillows, and sheets. You can also use it on rugs, towels, and clothing to give them a fresh scent.

The other great thing besides being more natural is that with diy ideas like this, you'll be able to save a lot of money. Cleaning supplies don't seem like they cost a lot upfront, but when you add it all up, you'd be surprised by how much you spend on cleaners. Fortunately, there are diy ideas for natural cleaners, disinfectants and even a natural replacement for bleach that all use similar ingredients. The natural ingredients you'll use for cleaning supplies will most often be baking soda, vinegar, alcohol, salt, water and hydrogen peroxide. To make our natural cleaners smell good, instead of using artificial scents, we use essential oils in these diy ideas, including this linen spray with lavender in it. So grab an empty spray bottle and make yourself some of this easy spray that you will have so many uses for.

All you need to do is mix some distilled water with lavender, vetiver, and cedar wood oil together with some rubbing alcohol. The alcohol helps to evenly disperse the oils throughout the water making it easier to spray. Shake all of the ingredients up in the bottle, and you're ready to use it. Just spray the mixture in a fine mist on any fabric that needs some freshening up. The linen spray also has some other benefits too, and each time you spray it, you'll be getting some aromatherapy as well. The essential oils in this recipe are wonderful for relaxation and calm. So you can even mist your pillows with the spray right before bed to become super relaxed before bed, so you get a good sleep. You could even spray some on your pyjamas before you put them on, and dab some lavender on your pulse points for more relaxing benefits. Be sure to only use high-quality essential oils for any of the diy ideas involving essential oils. Go with a company you trust, and do your research before you buy. Kelli uses Young Living Essential Oils and she also provides a code at the bottom of her post for you to get an essential oils starter kit for your home. That way you'll have all you need to start you off on the right track. So if you're interested in healthy living, why not ditch all of the toxic air fresheners and cleaners and opt for some more natural cleaners and fresheners? This spray would also be a great gift idea, especially for a house warming gift. Enjoy this and many more diy ideas from Kelli's blog Freebie Finding Mom.***

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