How to make Sweet and Sour Chicken

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This website, Center Cut Cook, makes it easy to learn how to make Sweet and Sour Chicken. The slogan for this blogger is that only the best recipes “make the cut” and that is arguably the case for this one. This recipe for sweet and sour chicken is made right from scratch. Don’t worry, though, it is not time consuming or difficult. And you will love the much more piquant flavor that results when you blend your own ingredients to make the sauce for this chicken. The one tiny ingredient that you might consider adding, but is not at all necessary, is a sprinkle of sesame seeds on top once you have made the chicken and drizzled the sauce on top. The sesame seeds impart a slight oriental flavor that is nice to have in this dish. Still, as it is, this recipe is great.

It is an especially great recipe because it incorporates vegetables that are conducive to sweet and sour chicken along with the chicken. They add more flavor, taste and visual appeal to this dish. It will look very authentic when you serve it on a big platter over jasmine or basmati rice. You may find that for this dish you prefer white rice rather than a brown since brown rice carries its own signature flavor that you might prefer in other dishes. But use whatever you like. Either way, this dish will be a family favorite from the first time you make it.

This dish is also a great nutritional combination, low in fat, high in protein and with the nutritional benefit of peppers. That means you can feel pretty good about serving this dish often to your family. By the way, you can use precisely the same recipe and substitute shrimp if you like. Or, use a combination of chicken and shrimp. How inter-cultural is that!

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