How To Make The Ultimate Sour Dough Starter

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My very favorite bread in the whole entire universe is, without a shred of a doubt, sourdough. Fluffy and tangy and classic, this is the ultimate sourdough starter.

This particular bread recipe uses a wild yeast. Wild yeast is the traditional yeast that human beings have been using to leaven their bread since we started collecting wheat and making it into bread. This is all natural yeast, as opposed to commercial yeast, and although both are capable of making delicious bread, wild yeast, like many things natural, is a cut above. There is still some debate surrounding the origins of wild yeast. Some say its in the air, others in the grain, its a necessary component of true bread, nonetheless.

The difference between wild and commercial yeasts is in the bake time, which is considerably longer with commercial grade yeast, but for you bread lovers and connoisseurs out there, its also in the subtle aroma and flavour wild yeast creates. Commercial yeast is much more reliable and leavens and cooks with more predictability. Wild yeast can be manipulated into a wide range of flavours, not just sour, and a lot of the time, the sour dough bread you buy at the grocery store, which more likely than not was made using commercial yeast, has had souring agents like vinegar added to the dough; buying a sour wild yeast, you dont have to adulterate your bread like that.

You can buy or make your own starter, but there are some very important factors you must consider if your sourdough is to turn out well: the flour, the amount of flour, and creating an acid environment in which your yeast will flourish. These are a few, but not all, of the variables when making a good bread of any kind.

With all that being said, follow the link at the bottom of the article to 'Heo Yeah Yum' for the in depth explanation of and how-to on making delicious sourdough bread.

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