How to Make Your Own Cake Flour

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Many cake recipes call for using cake flour, but if you only make a cake once in awhile, it may not be worthwhile purchasing an entire bag. As in other baking, it is important to keep your flour stash fresh, so if you feel that cake flour will go bad before you have the chance to use it all in your baking recipes, you can always consider how to make your own cake flour at home. Most flour varieties stay fresh for six to eight months and may be able to be stored longer if stored outside of the paper bag in an airtight container. You can also put flour in the freezer for an indefinite time, which is especially useful for whole-wheat flours, which go rancid quickly. If you have a bag of cake flour, you could always put it in the freezer until you are ready to make your chocolate cake recipe or carrot cake recipe again, but if you don’t have cake flour in the pantry, you can follow this cake flour recipe instead.

You may wonder if you can substitute cake flour for all-purpose flour in cake baking, and the simple answer is ‘yes’, but since baking is a science, the structure of your cake recipe will be different than what is intended. Cake flour is a softer, finer flour than all-purpose, and will give you a lighter texture to your cake. Cake flour is also bleached, and will lend more vibrancy to your baked recipes. On the other hand, using unbleached all-purpose flour will make your cake recipe denser and paler in appearance to cakes baked with cake flour. By using cake flour or this homemade cake flour recipe, you will have the best baking recipes ever.

As far as food tips go, Mel’s cake flour recipe is at the top and a cooking idea that many should employ in their home kitchens. She allows for two methods; one is to measure with a tablespoon and cup; the other way is with a kitchen scale. Most people in North American don’t use kitchen scales, which is why North American recipes are written with cup and spoon measures as opposed to weights. In Europe, kitchen scales are a method for measuring in baking, because they are accurate and allow you to get the same measurement in your recipe every time you bake. On the other hand, if you use the cup method, you will want to use a scoop and sweep method to ensure that your flour doesn’t pack too much. When measuring a cup of flour, scoop flour into the measuring cup so that it is packed loosely and reaches the top of the cup, then sweep a butter knife over the top to remove the excess flour. By this point, you should have a perfect cup of flour to use in your baking or to move on to the next step in this cake flour recipe. Thank you, Mel, the author of ‘Mel’s Kitchen Café’, for showing us her ingenious method for how to make your own cake flour at home. **

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