How to Make Your Own Cup O' Noodles for Lunch

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This recipe on how to make your own cup-o-noodles for lunch will change your life because it is so easy to make for a quick office lunch and it is much healthier than your average cup of soup. Grocery store soups are loaded with so much salt that it is challenging to see what the nutritional value of them are, but in the case of Food52’s Southeast Asian Pho recipe, you can feel like you are eating healthy due to the abundance of fresh ginger, scallions, and veggies. Soup recipes usually require a lot more thought than this cup of soup recipe, and much more time since vegetables take awhile to cook, but this Pho recipe comes together in minutes. This cup of soup recipe just involves preparing the vegetables, herbs, and aromatics in advance, then at lunch time, all you have to do is pour boiling water over everything and let sit until the vegetables seem cooked through. If you want a unique way to spruce up your lunch or desire quick lunch ideas for kids, this easy pho recipe is a must-have recipe for your lunchtime roster.

Food52 may showcase Sophie Missing and Caroline Craig’s Southeast Asian Pho recipe as inspiration for their article, but the fact is you can use this dish as a template for whatever ingredients you like by following some simple steps. Just make sure you have some quick cooking vegetables, like greens, bell peppers, summer squash, and tomatoes, and slice or chop them fine enough that the boiling water will cook them in an instant. For heartier veggies, like carrots, you can julienne them thinly or even grate them on a box grater. Next, you want tasty herbs and spices to flavour your broth and can even use a stock cube, as the pho recipe does. If you desire a chicken noodle soup recipe, try using think lo mein egg noodles, which take only three minutes to cook in boiling water, and mix with some chicken stock cube, shredded chicken, and herbs. For a chicken tagine variation, you can even thinly slice carrot, peppers, and chicken, and mix with harissa paste, cilantro, and couscous. The couscous may take a few minutes longer to cook, but will result in a hearty Moroccan-inspired soup recipe.

Simple recipes like this are amazing because they are open to the flavours you enjoy and the foods you have in your refrigerator or pantry on a regular basis. This recipe is also perfect if you have odd bits of ingredients or leftover cooked vegetables or rice in your fridge that need to get used up. By using pre-cooked ingredients, you can turn this into one of the quickest recipes, making it even more appealing to take into work or have for a quick lunch for the kids when they come home from school. Thank you to Food52 and the authors, Sophie Missing, and Caroline Craig, for sharing their amazing instructions on how to make your own cup-o-noodles for lunch recipe. **

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