How to Make Your Own Pallet Coffee Table

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Learn how to make your own pallet coffee table with these do it yourself home projects from Decozilla. Diy pallet furniture can add some handmade charm to your home, and also serves as a fun project to work on in your free time. It's also great to recycle old materials that may just end up in the land fill anyhow, plus, they are usually free depending on where you find them. Here are some of the awesome diy ideas you can try out yourself. Taking a pallet apart and reassembling it like this first project makes it look like an item from a funky furniture store. This bright yellow pallet table shows that painting your diy pallet furniture can have an extremely eye popping effect on the piece. This shows how great one of these upcycled pieces looks with glass or mirrors on the surface and silver legs. For a more rustic look, the second idea is the perfect inspiration. The table is made very simply and stained a nice, rich, dark brown with castors attached on the bottom for mobility. Diy ideas like this one would be great to use as an outdoor table, and the best part is, it would be extremely affordable. If you want to mix up a contemporary look with a bit of nature, why not create a table with a thick, circular piece of wood set on some sturdy rocks? This way you can have the best of both worlds, and, a really sturdy table as well.

Making fun furniture out of old worn out furniture is one of the other great diy ideas Decozilla shares with us. Take an old, simple table, paint it the color of your choice and then adorn it with treasures. For this example, they used beautiful sea shells, but you can use anything you want. It might be fun to use river rocks or pieces of driftwood. For a kid's bedroom, you could glue small toys all over the table and spray paint the whole thing for a cool, artistic look. Another way to showcase your treasures is to make a shadow box table. The table top is glass which allows you to see the items placed within the table compartment. Displaying seashells and starfish is a great idea for a beach themed room, or, placing crystals and gemstones would appeal to some. You could also put family photos or anything else you desire. The wine barrel coffee table is one of the most innovative do it yourself home projects and was made by cutting a wooden barrel in half and placing it on sturdy legs with a super sturdy table top making the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine.

Hopefully, after having a look at some of these awesome photos, you'll have some inspiration for your own do it yourself home projects. You can save each of these pieces on Pinterest to have your inspiration handy when the mood strikes you to create a new piece of furniture for your home. Look for free pallets in your local online buy and sell like Craigslist or Kijiji. The most labor intensive part is prying them apart, but if you get a good pry bar, you should be able to pull them apart with ease and without cracks.

The diy ideas here would also make great birthday or Christmas presents for loved ones. There is nothing like getting a homemade present from someone you love. Enjoy looking through all of the different options and see which ones you would like to make. For the photos to go to the link below.***

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