How to Peel an Entire Bag of Potatoes In A Few Seconds

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My father was never allowed to actively participate in any wars because of a vision problem, but he was allowed to work in the kitchens peeling potatoes. I think he might have wished he knew how to peel an entire bag of potatoes in a few seconds for the hundreds of potatoes he peeled throughout various engagements. This method works.

You can find out how to peel potatoes for church picnics and other large gatherings and speed up the potato salad that is always needed at big BBQs (and small ones)! The method comes from the Dam good cooking website. This method genuinely appears to work and is hysterically funny to watch on the video. Even if making potatoes is not on your schedule now it is worth a chuckle to check out this method and remember it. There is some specialized equipment, but if you have a power drill you are almost set.

Most recipes call for potatoes to be peeled, a tedious and time consuming job for anyone. When you are making large batches for special occasions like holidays or other times when family and friends gather together peeling the potatoes for the meal can be really dreaded. This method makes it very quick and easy and really actually works.

It will take about one minute or so to have potatoes that are perfectly peeled and without waste. You will need to prepare a pail by washing it out thoroughly and the process will have to be done outside rather than inside because it is a little bit of a procedure and could create a bit of a mess. The example that is shown on the video is a thin-skinned potato variety and about 20 or more potatoes are prepared (that is, peeled) at one time. They are actually washed, too, so two steps are done at once, speeding things up even more.

Check out the video and bookmark it for when you need a pile of potatoes peeled in record time.

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