How To Perfect Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

Photo Credit: From Valeries Kitchen

Having success peeling boiled eggs is something that people really are interested in knowing. It seems such a simple thing so why do some eggs peel perfectly and other get all broken up when you peel them.

This happened to me just the other day. A group of us were going to get together for our book club meeting. We planned an outside venue that had a picnic table, and we all decided on what dish we'd make and bring to our 'book discussion'. I volunteered to make Deviled Eggs. I had a nice recipe for how I would cream and flavor the yolk with a great combination of fresh herbs and, of course, my plan was to sprinkle with paprika and have these beautiful little eggs presented on this special little egg platter I had picked up at a garage sale.

I boiled the eggs, let them cool, did what I thought would be perfect, and I went to peel them and the eggs would not peel nicely! Why??? I did some googling and found this article from 'Valerie's Kitchen' and gave it a good read through. Valerie has some great information on this subject.

It is not a life and death situation if your eggs don't peel properly, but food is all about presentation as well as flavor, so we do want to know how to make our egg peeling more predictable.

Valerie covers what kind of eggs to use, green yolks, and questions about do you add salt and vinegar to the water. She talks about peeling cold or warm and gives you step by step instructions that are illustrated with great photographs along with some good tips.

We will refer you over to 'Valerie's Kitchen' website at the link just below to get all the answers.

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