How to Refinish Furniture

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Have you ever considered how to refinish furniture? It can be both a scary and enjoyable experience. It is scary because, at first, there can seem to be so many things to know and ways that it seems you may ruin the very thing that you are trying to make new and improved. It is a lot of fun because the results, if you take care and go slowly, can be wonderful and the piece you refinish can bring many more years of pleasure to you and your family.

This particular set of instructions recommends that you consider the level of restoration and repair that your piece needs. Sometimes it is not worth the time and effort to entirely strip and restain or paint the original piece. As well, sometimes the piece is made more beautiful by more simple and a less comprehensive overhaul. This website offers tips on how to restore your furniture with the tedium of toxic chemicals, but using less invasive and possibly destructive methods.

The site draws on the expertise of Kevin Southwick who has more than 20 years of experience in furniture repair and restoration. He offers his best tips and techniques on how to approach those beautiful pieces you may have inherited or purchased in order to ensure that you re-find the original beauty they once had.

Perhaps one of the best first tips is just clean it up. A thorough dusting may be a good place to start followed by a gentle scrub. Check the materials to be sure you can use soap and water on the surfaces. Sometimes mineral spirits are a better choice.

Making small repairs and removing stains and paint splatters are also common problems with old furniture. Depending on the finish on the furniture you may be able to fill cracks and gaps. Kevin also gives some great tips on how to remove stubborn stain and paint that may have been spilled on the surface over time.

Properly restoring furniture begins with recognizing what kind of piece you have, what sort of materials can be used to work on it, whether or not a major or minor restoration will make your piece look best, and how to do small cleaning and repair work without damaging aged surfaces. These and other challenges are addressed in this simple how-to article on refinishing your furniture.

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