How to Remove a Stump in 2 - 3 Days Instead of 2 - 3 Years

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I love the name of this website, �We Do Things Different Here in Texas.� I lived in the northern panhandle for a couple of years when I went to school and fell in love with that great state. So when I saw this site advising how to remove a stump in 2 � 3 days instead of 2 � 3 years, I knew it would be great advice. And since I have several stumps in my front yard that have needed attention for quite some time, I thought, here is a chance to try out the method and see if it works.

Stumps never seem to just disappear and attempts to turn them into garden seats sometimes can appear pretty lame. Pulling them out is costly, too. This method needs to be approached with caution and should only ever be attempted by an adult. It should also probably be under fairly constant surveillance, so help from friends might be in order, too. However, there are no special tools or materials that are needed to get this system to work, and from the huge number of responses, it is clear that the process is quite effective. As well, the blogger shows plenty of before, during and after photos of a stump that he has removed using this particular process. He also gives plenty of how-to advice, cautions about the process and things to consider. The comments section also has plenty of good advice and even some alternative approaches if this method does not appeal to you, or for some reason, cannot be undertaken in your area.

Whenever you are using things that are smoldering and/or hot enough to catch on fire, be sure you have plenty of water, preferably a hose at the ready, in case you need to use it. Always wear gloves and protective eye wear. Long pants and steel toed boots probably wouldn�t hurt, either.

Do the work on a day without wind so there is no concern about fire or if fire occurs, having the fire spread due to wind. As well, consider saturating the entire area around the stump with water to avoid fire concerns in the ground.

If stumps are a problem on your property, this method might be a good choice for you. Don�t forget to leave a comment for this blogger on how your attempt worked out, or if you discover more about how to do this tough job easily.

Find out how to do a lot of tasks more easily at the website, We Do Things Different Here in Texas, by following the link below.

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