How to remove hard water deposits (lime scale) with 2 natural ingredients

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Do you have hard water in your home? It's something that's pretty difficult to deal with at times especially when you don't have a water softener. If you can get a water softener installed in your house, this will help to remove all of the minerals that cause the hard water deposits and stains in your home. The minerals that usually cause the hard water stains are calcium and magnesium which are created when the water filters through the lime. That's also way hard water deposits are referred to as limescale. These deposits can cause build up on your tiles, faucets, hardware and in your toilets, but it can also totally clog up your pipes too which would require a professional to remove. If you're just dealing with the hard water deposits in your bathroom or kitchen, some very simple cleaning tips can be used to clean them up, and it won't cost a lot of money either. Plus, you'll be using all natural cleaners to get the job done as well. There are the chemical products, but sometimes those are so harsh and can be harmful to your health and to the environment as well.

This tutorial from Knowledge Weighs Nothing will teach us how to remove hard water deposits with only two natural ingredients. Just get some plain white distilled vinegar and some simple table salt, and that's all you'll need to remedy these hard water stains. In a small bowl put a tablespoon or two of salt, and then add just a little splash of vinegar to make a paste. Once you have the paste made, just apply it to the areas with the hard water stains, rubbing it in as you go. Then allow this mixture to sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes or longer. To help the paste stay on the areas better, you can soak a paper towel in vinegar and just wrap it around the faucet to keep it in place, or you can fill a bag with some vinegar and then keep it in place around the faucet with a rubber band. When it's been allowed to sit for a while, you can then scrub the areas with a scrubbing sponge to remove any of the hardened on deposits. Then, you can rinse the area really well with warm water, and you'll see quite a difference.

Instead of using vinegar you can also use lemon juice too, even though the vinegar is said to work better. The vinegar smell doesn't even linger afterwards either, so don't be worried your bathroom will smell like vinegar. You can also use vinegar in your toilet in the same way to get rid of hard water deposits in there. Just soak some paper towels or cloths with white vinegar and take out as much of the water in your toilet bowl as possible. Then place the vinegar soaked rags around the area of the toilet with the hard water stains and allow them to sit for 30 minutes or even a couple of hours if you can. Keep in mind; you won't be able to use the toilet for this period of time so plan accordingly. Once time is up, you can take a brush and scrub the areas, and the vinegar should have loosened up the hard water deposits, so they come off really easily. It's amazing what some natural cleaners can do if you just give them some time and maybe use a little elbow grease as well. Enjoy trying out these cleaning tips and check out more cleaning tips from the Knowlege Weighs Nothing website.***

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