How to remove mold from leather

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Have you found mould in your home? Mould is a pesky fungus and it can grow on many different surfaces including leather clothes and upholstery. It just needs a nice, moist environment and it'll start to spread. That's why you might find mould not only growing in common places like on walls, tiles and ceilings, but also on clothing, furniture or even horse saddles. One of the ways you can discover mould is by its musty odour and you can also find it just by seeing it growing on the items. It shows up as a fuzzy greenish black cover that kind of looks like moss but flatter and more congruent with the surface. Mould that's been growing somewhere for too long can eventually end up damaging your furniture and eating away at the wood or the material. That's when you'd have to, unfortunately, throw the piece away because it would be beyond repair. But if there is no damage to the furniture's structure, you can remedy it by cleaning the mould off completely.

This is one of the cleaning tips from Remove All Stains that will help us to remove mould from leather. All you'll need are some gloves, a toothbrush, a vacuum cleaner, soft cloths, a bowl or a tub, leather cleaner and leather moisturizer.

Put on the gloves first and make sure you do this outside or in a well-ventilated area outside so that the mould spores don't spread all over your home and start growing on other surfaces. Also, make sure you clean on a sunny day so that the sun will kill the mould. Rainy weather will only make the mould spores last longer. Start by brushing the mould from the leather and then vacuum it up really well and dispose of the vacuum bag after. Then, using a cloth made damp with some water, wipe off the entire surface but don't get it too wet which could make the mould spread even more. Don't rinse and reuse the cloth, just throw it away and leave the leather piece outside until it's had a chance to dry out in the sun.

Once it's totally dry, get your leather cleaner, and wipe it all over the leather with a soft cloth. You can also use a mild soap like baby shampoo too. Then, allow that to dry and then apply the leather conditioner. You can also make a cleaning solution out of some soap in water until thick suds are formed. Then just apply the foam only to the leather and don't soak the item in the water. Then let it dry out completely in the sunlight. Another great natural cleaner for mould is to use rubbing alcohol. Just add 1 cup of the alcohol and 1 cup of water into ta bowl. Use a soft cloth to apply the cleaning solution on the leather and follow up with a damp cloth with just plain water on it. Make sure once you're done to again, allow the piece of leather furniture or clothing to dry out completely in the sun to kill all of the mould. If you see any other areas with mould, use the rubbing alcohol solution to clean it again and just keep an eye on the piece to make sure that the mould doesn't return. You can also use rubbing alcohol or even hydrogen peroxide to kill mould in your shower, bathtub, on your walls and ceiling too. If your towels are mouldy or mildewy, just throw in some white vinegar with them the next time you wash them, and they will come out fresher than ever.***

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