How to Remove Rust in Under a Minute

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Every avid baker will have metallic cake pans, muffins tins or cookie sheets to clean, and may encounter rust on those items after years of use. Rather than replacing rusting bakeware, Shawna at Hometalk has instructions for cleaning rust from those items. Of course, there are means of preventing rusting from bakeware, to begin with through regular cleaning and drying. To achieve the longest life out of your baking pans, after cleaning the items, place them in a warm oven, so they are thoroughly dry. It is also best to wash the pans with a soft cloth and to not use damaging items like knives directly on the surfaces. Thoroughly drying the metallic bakeware will help prevent rusting, as will preventing damage to the pans themselves. Wear and tear will be inevitable, however, and so it is helpful to have Shawna’s genius method for cleaning rust in under one minute.

Shawna’s kitchen cleaner is coke, which is highly acidic and can lift rust easily. You may be tempted to use more natural kitchen cleaners in your home, but this item won’t pose the same kind of danger to you and your family as other chemical cleaning products would. If you don’t have coke on hand, however, you could opt for cleaning vinegar, which has a high acidity and is a healthy, natural cleaning solution. This common household cleaner can disinfect surfaces and is a safe item for people to consume. Vinegar may not be quite as effective a cleaner as coke when it comes to removing rust stains from surfaces, however, because you would require a lot more of it to have the same effect as coke. Coke has a much higher acidity than vinegar, and therefore you would require less of it to remove rust stains from your bakeware than you would need of vinegar.

If you are looking for household cleaning tips for removing rust stains from bath or sink surfaces, Shawna’s method could work well for that, too. Although you wouldn’t be able to soak the side of a bathtub in coke, as you would with cleaning a springform pan in Shawna’s example, you could spot clean to remove the stains sufficiently. For an extra easy method for how to remove spots from bath surfaces and sinks, fill a spray bottle with the coke and spray on the surface that require rust removal. According to Shawna, the coke should react with the stain almost instantly, and you should be able to wipe the rust stain off the surface easily.

Shawna’s method for removing rust is an excellent addition to any household because it can remove rust from metallic bakeware, as well as be a surprisingly effective way to spot cleaning bathroom tubs, sinks or toilets. Although some may be tempted to use coke on their cast iron pans, which can get rusty, it is best not to since the acidity can strip the coating from the cast iron. Thank you to Shawna, author at Hometalk, for sharing her method for removing rust in under a minute.

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