How to Remove Scratches from Leather

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Anyone who has a cat or dog as a member of the family will know that those lovable friends can have damaging effects on your furniture. The scratches that are left behind can be unsightly and leave you wanting to replace your furniture, which can be an expensive process. There are ways to save your furniture, though, with some simple life hacks. Trisha, the author of Mash-Up Chic lifestyle blog, has an excellent set of instructions for limiting the appearance of scratches on your couches or chairs, which will make you feel better about keeping it for a little longer. This is advantageous for those who plan on keeping pets for the long term, where you will run the risk of damaging your furniture further.

Trisha’s method for cleaning up stains on your scratched-up furniture is an excellent addition to your list of do it yourself home projects because it takes moments to do and uses a common household item; olive oil. Additionally, the olive oil used saves a lot of money on more expensive furniture repair kits for leather furniture, and therefore, can be easily reapplied if necessary. You just have to rub the olive oil into the scratches on the leather and wipe the area dry afterward. The olive oil provides a sheen to the leather furniture and brightens the appearance of the leather while causing the appearance of the scratches to be less noticeable. It is imperative that the oil is rubbed into the furniture well for the best results. A cotton swab is an excellent way to apply the oil and may help get more coverage in the scratches on the damaged furniture. This process will help minor scratches fade more easily than the deeper ones, and so it is a good idea to get on top of the scratches once they appear.

If you don’t have olive oil in the house, rest assured that you can use other oil-based stain removal products to achieve a similar effect. Mild tasting oils, like vegetable oil or peanut oil, would work just as well on leather furniture, and provide a similar appearance and sheen. Alternatively, you could try rubbing the leather furniture with beeswax or linseed oil if those are what you have available. Either way, your furniture should look close to brand new, despite the damage caused by pets in the home.

If there are any projects to do where the results are worthwhile, this one is it. The process of rubbing the olive oil into the leather furniture takes minutes to accomplish, and Tricia insists the results should last several weeks before reapplication is necessary. Additionally, the furniture will absorb the olive oil quickly, which means you won’t have to wait long before being able to use the furniture again. You could even apply this method to any leather product to improve its appearance, whether it be a jacket or saddlebag. Thank you to Tricia, the author of Mash-Up Chic, for sharing her instructions on how to remove scratches from leather furniture.

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