How to remove water stains from wood

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The look of wood in the home is so attractive, but it requires care over time to maintain its appearance. One of the challenges you might have with wooden furniture and floors is with water stains, which can get onto coffee tables or other wood surfaces by spilling water on them. The water stains embed themselves into the wood and won’t go away no matter how much cleaning you do. Luckily, cleaning wood surfaces can become much easier with a few simple steps. Nicki, the author of Sweet Parrish Place lifestyle blog, is an avid restorer of furniture and found she had water stains on a table she purchased. She figured out how to remove spots from the table, and now she has written a post on her blog so she can share them with her readers. Nicki’s cleaning method doesn’t require any special stain removal products but rather relies on a couple of items that can be found in your kitchen. All you require to make your wood item look like new again is some olive oil and salt. Once you have tried this cleaning process on one stained wood item, you will want to search around the home to see where else you can use it.

When it comes to house cleaning tips, chances are you won’t have thought about maintaining the wood in your home, but you should. Over time, wood surfaces can become scratched, scraped or stained, or wood items may dry out too much and become brittle. If you notice your floors are scratched from a time you moved furniture or dropped something on it or have pets, you can refinish the floors by sanding and re-staining. Luckily, the process of cleaning water stains from wood isn’t nearly as challenging. The olive oil and salt get blended into a paste and rubbed over the affected surface. The mixture should be somewhat thick so that it doesn’t run all over the surface. You can adjust with more salt or olive oil as needed to reach the correct consistency. The salt helps draw any lingering moisture out of the item, while the olive oil gets absorbed into the wood and helps protect it. Any wood item has the susceptibility to dry out and break over time, due to inconsistencies in humidity or age, and you are most likely to have that issue with antique furniture that has been around for a long time. Using oil on wood surfaces can help protect them and elongate their life spans. In fact, wooden cutting boards are often treated with beeswax or linseed oil to protect them from damage. If you have wood kitchen countertops, consider rubbing some oil and salt over them too to help protect them.

If you have a love for antique and vintage items, Nicki’s cleaning method will be wonderful, because you will have the knowledge to repair items suffering from water stains rather than overlook purchasing them altogether. You won’t have to purchase any special products to get the job done but rather can rely on non toxic cleaners like salt and olive oil, which you likely have available to you already. You can even use this olive oil cleaning method to help eliminate or at least limit the visibility of minor scratches on your wooden floors or furniture. The best part about this cleaning mixture is that it is cheap and easy to make, and will work in making your furniture and floors look beautiful again. Thank you to Nicki, the author of Sweet Parrish Place lifestyle blog, for sharing her instructions for cleaning water stains from wood.

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