How to repair grass damaged by snow mold

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Front yard landscape designs usually include grass which looks really attractive when it's healthy. However, when grass isn't healthy, it can really ruin your front yard landscape designs and the beauty of your property. Sometimes your grass can be ruined by animal waste, ants, chemicals and the sun. Mould is another culprit that can ruin your lawn too. Mould will often grow in the grass beneath snow because of the moisture in the snow. This mould is known as grey snow mould or Typhula spp. or Typhula blight. is the less damaging form of snow mould. It doesn't really damage the grass root mainly the grass blades. It will survive in the summer in the ground and then will come out in the grass in the spring. There's also pink snow mould which is Microdochium nivale or Fusarium patch which is the more detrimental type of snow mould since it can cause damage to the roots of the grass. While grey snow mould needs the grass to be covered in snow for more than 40 days or so, pink mould doesn't need the snow to cover the grass to grow. Pink mould will just need the grass to freeze and thaw out repetitively, and it will grow.

While there is no solid cure for these types of mould, you can learn how to remove mould from your lawn and repair it. Anne from Anne's Entitled Life shares how to remove mould by raking it. All she does is take a rake to her grass, and it comes back looking green and full in just a few weeks or so. She learned it from her dad who learned it from his mother. When you rake your grass, you'll get rid of all of the dead grass which will allow the sun to shine on the newly growing grass and the sun can also help to kill the mould. If the mould is left to grow on your lawn, it could do some pretty significant damage. So if you notice it growing on your lawn be sure to take care of it right away. Just get a leaf rake, some bags to put the raked up grass in, a shovel and a broom. Take the rake and start raking at the grass to pull out all of the dead grass. Then, you can use the shovel to put the dead grass into the garbage bags and a broom to sweep off any walkways. Wait until your lawn dries out a bit before you walk on it after you try this grass repair technique. A few days later the new little grass blades start to grow and show in your lawn. Then, in 3 weeks you'll really notice an improvement.

You can also use fertilizers on your lawn if you like, and make sure that you don't cut it too short or it will become sun damaged. To prevent the snow mould from growing, try not to create snow piles on your lawn when you shovel snow in the winter. This may not always be possible though especially if you have someone else ploughing your snow. So just remember that you can always try out these simple tips to remove mould from your lawn and just repeat the steps each year. If your grass seems to be really bad, always hire a professional to care for it. You could also hire a professional landscaper to work on your front yard landscape designs so that you have less grass to take care of, or make a part of your lawn a vegetable garden instead, so there isn't so much grass to take care of each spring and summer.***

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