How to Shine Silver and Copper

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These simple tips on How to Shine Silver and Copper will have your vintage silver dishes and flatware looking like new again. The best part about cleaning silverware naturally is that you most likely have everything you need already at home. If you are one of those people who love to collect vintage silver plates and utensils from flea markets, you most likely see their hidden potential often hidden behind the lack of shine. With these tips on how to clean silver naturally, you will be able to table the dull gray finish and turn it into the shiny pieces they were meant to be. These simple tips and polishing methods use natural ingredients that you can feel good about using, without costing you a lot on expensive cleaning products.

One of the methods for cleaning silverware naturally is to use baking soda. You'll want to start by covering the tarnished piece in baking soda. Don't be afraid to use lots, dump it on top of the tarnished piece until it’s completely immersed in the powder. Then let the baking soda work its cleansing magic for about 30 minutes. You can also use Borax for this silver cleaning method. Then after letting it sit for 30 minutes, dampen a cloth or abrasive scrubber with some hot water. Then buff the baking soda into the piece with the damp cloth, ridding the piece of tarnish. Then rinse the item well in hot water. You will love the shine. Another way how to clean silver naturally is using hot water, aluminum foil, baking soda and salt. This method looks a bit like a science experiment. You start by lining a pot with aluminum foil and filling it with water. Then immerse the tarnished silver in the pot of water. Throw some baking soda and salt into the water and bring to a boil. You will be amazed at just how well this natural technique works. During the boiling process, the tarnish will leave the silver and go to the aluminum in the pot.

When it comes to cleaning copper naturally, you can try this lemon and salt method. Start by dipping half a lemon into some coarse salt. Then rub the mixture all over the copper piece. Squeeze some lemon juice onto the piece and reapply the salt as you go. This next technique is sure to surprise you and is known as the ketchup method. To use the first dunk a cloth into some ketchup and rub the condiment all over the copper item until the metal’s original burnished sheen is restored. This method works best on pieces that are less.

You can also use a tomato for this technique. Another of the methods is to use flour, salt and vinegar to form a paste out of equal amounts of each. You will find these cleaning silverware naturally tips on the Organic Authority site. This site gives people all sorts of options so they can make better consumer choices on the products they use. You will find a variety of topics from foodie buzz, kitchen and recipes, nutrition and wellness, live and grow and more. *

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