How to Shop Organic on a Budget

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When it comes to eating healthy, food ingredients can get expensive. That is why you will want to learn how to shop organic on a budget. These tips will have you thinking outside of the box, and save money on the healthy food ingredients; you like to buy. More and more people want to buy organic ingredients, as people learn about the benefits of eating healthy they want the products they eat and buy to be the best food ingredients. These simple food hacks and buying tips will change the way you look at your organic shopping and save you money along the way. This five-minute video is full of great ideas for shopping for budget friendly healthy food ingredients.

For starters, you want to shop in bulk for things like flour, walnuts, almond butter and grains. The reason being is that about 15 to 30 percent of a products price is in the packaging, so you can save a lot of money by storing food ingredients in your containers once you get home. Growing your food is another way to save money. Try growing your sprouts in either a sprout kit container or a mason jar. Sprouts are one of the most nutrient dense foods; you can add them to smoothies and salads. You can also grow your herbs, fruits, and vegetables. It's satisfying to grow your food, and a good lesson for the kids to learn. Another way to save money on organic food ingredients is to buy big bulk items like organic crackers and coconut oil. Shopping stores like Costco, Homesense and Winners offer discounted organic products that will save you money on your favorite healthy food ingredients. Consider making your organic food with food ingredients that you purchase in bulk. Try making your granola which can be super pricey if you are purchasing at the grocery store, but with organic oats, maple syrup, and spices that you can make your recipes and save money. Organic vegetables can get pricey, so be sure and purchase them while they are in season.

Did you know that organic meat is also significantly higher in PROTEIN, IRON, VITAMIN E and OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS than non-organic meat? So if you are a meat eater who also spends money on supplements, than you might want to consider choosing the organic meat instead of all the supplements for the added protein to your diet.

You might also consider buying your produce from a weekly organic food delivery service. These food delivery services have different sized produce boxes for different budgets, and you are always ensured of getting what is in season at the time. With a little extra planning, you can enjoy the organic food ingredients that you like the most, at prices that won't break the bank. Another good idea when shopping for healthy food ingredients is to look through your local grocery store flyers, find out what is on sale and stock up on products that you can freeze or store for later use. Thank you to Joy for sharing these tips on buying organic food ingredients on a budget on the "Joyous Health" Youtube channel. These are just some of the food hacks you will find on the site. Other things you will find include natural ways to sweeten foods, snack ideas, food hacks, healthy food ingredients and so much more. **

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