How To Tell If There Are Any Spiders In Your Bedroom

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Are you afraid of spiders? If the answer’s a resounding yes, then here’s an article from Good Housekeeping that might help you sleep better at night. There’s an effective new way to tell if there are any spiders hiding in your bedroom! Fear of spiders. It’s a common trait for humans. So common, in fact, that it’s been given an official name: arachnophobia! And a new study conducted at Columbia University is actually showing this primal fear of arachnids could possibly be programmed right into our DNA, or at least, SOME people’s DNA. Interesting, huh? If this research does prove to be true, then it would make total sense!

If you carry the arachnophobe gene and are terrified of spiders, then you sure wouldn’t want to stay at our place overnight! We have spiders everywhere – big ones, little ones and somewhere in-between ones. We don’t always see them, but we know they’re around because we are always cleaning up their wayward webs. We have spiders in our place because our landlords are too cheap to buy us screens, but no worries; we don’t mind! We live in a beautiful suite in a park-like setting and spiders are fine because they are a part of nature. Think about it… They’re really more afraid of us than we are of them! And, they actually help a lot in keeping the fly counts down.

However, we do understand why some people are afraid of spiders, and that’s why we wanted to share this great article from Good Housekeeping with you. Biologists have discovered a simple new way to detect Wolf Spiders, and it’s something you can easily do before you go to bed at night! Then you can track and remove the spiders if you find them or simply go to bed knowing there aren’t any around. Either way, you’re gonna get a good night’s sleep and that’s a good thing, right?

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