How to Test Steak for Doneness

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Who loves a good steak? Who knows how to cook a steak to the perfect doneness for each of your guests? By having a look at the picture you can see there is a way to compare what your fingertips feel like to how various degrees of cooked meat will feel. Doneness is just one small bit of the knowledge we wish to share with you in this featured article. How would you like to know about how to choose the meat, how to make sure it will be tender, how to season, cook and get a solid understanding of cooking steak.

To start, when you plan a steak dinner, do you know how to choose your cut? One of the most delicious cuts for flavor is the Bone-In Ribeye steak. This tender piece of meat has fat marbling quite heavily dispersed through the meat, and it is this fat that makes it super moist. The fact that there is a lot of fats and a bone means this will yield a satisfying steak and cooked medium rare the juices, and intense beef flavor are perfect. This cut of meat is about $12-$16 a pound, and you will want to buy steaks that are 1.5 to 2 pounds per person, including the weight of the bone in.

A highly preferred cut of meat is the Filet Mignon. This is because it has less fat. Because it comes from the beef tenderloin of the cow, that is a tender part. It is not as flavorful as some of the fatty cuts, but the shear tenderness of it makes up for it all. A good serving size per person would be and 8-ounce filets. The cost of filet mignon is $16-$25 a pound.

A less expensive cut with great flavor is the Top Sirloin Steak. This is not the same cut as the top sirloin steak which is way more expensive. Yo need to be sure that you are getting the correct cut. This meat has less marbled fat as the ribeye we talked about already, and it is not as tender as the filet mignon previously discussed. It is still a very good steak, but you want it to be at least one inch thick and choose a piece with as much marbling as possible. The cost is $8-$12 a pound and for one person 1, a 1 pound steak will do.

There is so much more to learn about how to cook the steak perfectly and we will re-direct you to the 'Buzz Feed' website below for so many photographs and information that you should be a master-steak-chef when you have gone through all the great information.

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