How to UN - Shrink Your Clothes

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So you made a mistake, you shrunk your new pants. Now you can learn how to UN shrink your clothes from this handy tip from One Good Thing By Jillee! It's a miracle! People have always thought that if you have shrunk those cotton pants or a shirt or dress you bought and so loved, it's all over, it has become hand me downs for your kid or a kid you know. It's pretty easy to forget when you are in a hurry washing things and you totally forget and put your delicates in with some normal wash clothes and put the whole load on hot wash. When you pull it out and then throw it in the dryer, it just sets the shrunken size even more and then you are left with your new, unfortunate tiny clothes.

Or maybe someone else in your household was doing the laundry and accidentally threw in your delicate cotton shirt or sweater in with everything else as an honest mistake. Some people aren't fond of reading labels after all. And you can't very well get too upset with them because their intentions were so good that they wanted to do laundry for you! Why does laundry shrink though? I wondered too, and they don't actually in fact shrink at all!

The fibres of the cloth like cotton, is also made up of smaller fibres that when exposed to the heat of the washer or more commonly, the dryer, that cause the fibres to break up and relax. The fibres of animal hair in wool, shrink because the hairs have scales on them that grab onto each other and condense in form, so then your wool sweater your grandmother knit you looks more like a sweater for a doll or a baby or child.

Good thing there are people out there who research how to fix these issues and then share them with the rest of us, what would we do with out the internet sometimes?! This tutorial shows you how to effectively un shrink your clothes back into their original size with out too much fuss. All you need is some gentle shampoo, water and some towels. Sounds pretty simple right? Do you have some clothes you can try this out on? If you have some clothes you need UN shrunk, than head over to 'One Good Thing By Jillee' by following the link in the Read Me section below.

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