I cannot stand the look of clutter on countertops. Look at her creative idea for her bathroom wall!

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If you're like Kaysi Gardner from Hometalk and you can't stand clutter on your countertops, you have to try these diy ideas. Some people don't mind clutter, as long as they have everything they need ready to be used, they're happy. Other people are a bit more particular and prefer everything to be nice and neat so that they feel more organized. Neither is better than the other; it's just personal preference. Kaysi had just finished organizing her kitchen countertops so after she was finished with that, it was on to the master bathroom which was in need of some organization. Some of the items that were on their bathroom counter were items that are too messy to store away so she came up with a great plan and used some diy ideas and simple life hacks to create a shelf where everything can go, so it's a bit more organized. The great thing about most of the simple life hacks and diy ideas on Hometalk is that they are really easy to do, and they don't cost very much either. This project will only take about 30 minutes to make, and it won't cost you more than $5 or so.

The materials you'll need to make this diy shelf will be two pieces of wood and a square dowel as well as a round wooden dowel. Just cut the two boards to the same length. Next, take the square dowel and cut it to the same length as the two boards. Then, attach them together with some wood glue first and then nail them together using nails that are long enough to connect the two pieces of wood and hold them together. Once you have your two pieces of wood attached in an L shape, you can then start to drill holes through the vertical piece of wood on the upper portion of the wood for the dowels to go into. One you have the holes ready, just push the dowels into the board. The dowels will create a resting spot for your items like a razor, trimmers and a comb. Then the rest of the area will be for things like cologne or perfume and shaving cream. You also have to glue the square dowel to the horizontal piece of wood on the very outer ledge of it to create a nice little stopper so that the items don't slide off of it. Once the glue is all dry, you can then paint it or stain it any colour you like and then seal it to protect it from moisture.

Once your paint or stain is all dry, simply attach it to your wall by drilling a couple of holes in the back and then hanging the shelf on screws or nails. Or you can try using a few command strips on the back of the shelf. You could also make this a jewellery hanging shelf to hang and put your jewellery at the end of the day. You could even use this diy shelf inside of a drawer if you didn't want it out. Another great diy idea for storage in your bathroom is to use one of those over the door shoe holders on the back of your bathroom door. You can find these at the dollar store or any home improvement store, and they hold a number of items in them. You can also use cutlery organizers in your drawers to organize your items and keep your bathroom looking nice and clean. Check out this and more simple life hacks and diy ideas from Hometalk.***

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