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This is a game that, when you show it to your friends will have them all shouting, “I want to play this game!” So be sure you have all the tools you will need in order to start playing it. Silly games are a lot of fun, and this is certainly one of them. Play it outside, though, or you may be sorry about the subsequent mess. As well, you might want to wait until watermelons are on sale. It is not likely that you’ll want to eat what is left after the game has been played.

Silly and fun games are part of what makes life worthwhile. How many hours have you spent playing Pick up Spoons or Thumbs, a card game where you try to collect four cards that are the same and then either quietly put a thumb on the table and stop playing to indicate you’ve collected the four cards, or pick up a spoon to indicate the same thing? The fun starts when there is always at least one person who is so intent on collecting his or her four matching cards that s/he doesn’t realize the game is over. And, when spoons scatter there is always a ton of scrambling to try and get the last one so you won’t get a letter against you. Spell out the name of the game, thumbs or spoons, and you lose.

This is another one of those easy, silly fun games, although it is probably an adult’s game, as you might agree when you watch it played. The game is demonstrated by adults, and flying watermelon could carry some weight with it. Thus, very little children might do better watching. As well, the thin rubber bands that are part of the game could snap and then fly, and that, too, could hurt tender young skin. Check out the game today. It will give you your daily smile and perhaps an idea for your next summer picnic.

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