Ice Cream Sandwich Super Sundae Dessert

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It may be enough to check out the fantastic photos of this sumptuous Ice Cream Sandwich Super Sundae Dessert. Once you drool over the great pictures, you may have had enough, and not need even a single bit of this cool and refreshing summer time treat. The recipe is super quick to make, and just about anyone can easily pull it together. That is because every ingredient is pre-packaged and likely to be found at your local grocery outlet. Then it is a matter more of compiling this dessert than making something from scratch. So let the kids do this one. They will have a ball, and you can watch and direct (hopefully from a big armchair). Then let the whole thing chill, and dig in.

This Ice Cream Sandwich Super Sundae Dessert is a mixture of flavors that everyone likes. You can likely alter and substitute whatever flavors are your family favorites without any issue. Just be sure to consider whether they all go together, once compiled. As well, be sure to chill this recipe completely, or it will likely be too sweet! Not that the kids will complain on that score. You will love how the various layers look in this dessert, too. It will take only small pieces to fill everyone up, so cut slices small for this one.

This is a great recipe that kids will love. Big people may find it a bit too sweet, so think about smaller pieces for the adults. It is a quick and easy dish to make that requires no oven time, and is more a matter of putting things together and getting it good and cold than anything else. Try it soon. You will love how the layers look when it is done. Enjoy.

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