Iced Almond Lemon Loaf

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For a unique take on the classic lemon loaf, try out this iced almond lemon loaf recipe from the blog, baking a moment. Blog author, Allie, is a former pastry chef, and it shows. Allie’s lemon loaf recipe is a show stopping dessert of fluffy, lemony pound cake, a creamy Greek yogurt spiked icing glaze, and golden toasted almond slices. It is a lovely accompaniment to tea with a friend or an end-of-day pick-me-up. This lemon loaf recipe is sure to turn heads with it’s luscious waves of white icing and lemon fragrance, so why not make it today?

One thing that makes this iced lemon loaf recipe extra special is that it uses a combination of regular and almond flour. The almond flour lends the loaf a nutty undertone, which pairs perfectly with the toasted almond garnish. Almonds are so delicious and nutritious that it makes complete sense why they are used so often in both sweet and savoury preparations. All you need to get nearly half of your recommended daily intake of biotin and vitamin E is 1/4 cups of almonds. According to WH Foods, Biotin is crucial to balancing blood sugar, because it aids in insulin production. After peanuts, almonds are one of the richest sources of biotin around, so it makes complete sense to include these healthy nuts to all your desserts, like this fabulous iced almond lemon loaf recipe.

This lemon loaf recipe has an extra moist cake interior from a lemon juice syrup that gets drizzled over the cake while it’s still warm. Using syrup is a classic technique for locking in lemony taste and rightly so; it adds mouth-tingling tang and helps the cake retain a moist, fluffy interior, even after it’s been sitting for a day or two. Lemons are considered a powerhouse of vitamin C and it’s interesting to note that although they are prominent in western desserts, they didn't appear in Spain until the 11th century, and even after that in other European countries when crusaders brought them home from the middle east.

With its exceptional presentation of smooth sweet and piquant icing, spongy cake, and crisp almonds, this lemon loaf recipe is a spectacular reinterpretation of a classic. The icing has a terrific mouthfeel while the almonds provide textural contrast to the cake. The lemon cake bursts with citrus and the nutty flour undertone. It’s so good; you’ll want to make more than one loaf. Why not make several and place the cakes without icing in the freezer? The lemon juice syrup will help the loaves of this iced almond loaf recipe retain their fluffy interiors and freezing them will be a time saver for when last minute guests arrive at your home.

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