If you Have Fabric Scraps here are 21 Ways to Use Them Up!

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If you love crafting, then chances are you have a collection of fabric that you've used for various projects. Perhaps left over from larger projects like a quilt or a costume. You save the leftover fabric just in case you can use it for something else, but usually, those pieces aren't really big enough to do anything major with. But it's also a shame to throw away larger fabric scraps because fabric is fairly expensive. If you're looking to save on fabric and you're not picky about the type of fabric you're going to use you can always go to the thrift store and look in their fabric section for different types of fabric too. You can find some pretty cool vintage fabrics from thrift stores too and sometimes you'll find really nice, high-quality fabric from the thrift store too. If you have a collection of fabric scraps, it turns out there are plenty of diy ideas and fun projects you can do with them. Katie from How Does She shares her ideas for ways to recycle fabric. It turns out there are more than a few ways to recycle these scraps, and you can even use the finished result as a gift.

The first diy idea she shares is how to make bookmarks out of fabric scraps. Even kids could make these cute, colourful bookmarks with some fun fabric. They could choose the fabric and even create the shape they wanted, and then you could cut it out and sew it for them, and they could decorate the bookmark afterwards with their own personal style. The rest of the diy craft ideas are more for adults, but some of them are pretty easy even if you don't know how to sew like a pro. The owl pillow is super cute and makes use of smaller fabric scraps, but it might take a bit more sewing expertise. Then, you could even fill the owl with even more fabric scraps for the stuffing. This would be a great idea for scraps of material from sentimental items like old baby clothes or your grandmother's fabric scraps. A great way to have a sentimental piece that you can keep with you and have out on display instead of shoved in a box somewhere. Many people get old fur coats turned into teddy bears or pillows which is such a nice idea as well.

There are plenty of great ideas for kids items too, like a fabric belt that looks like it would be pretty easy to make. Then there are also some pacifier clips that you can make using fabric scraps so that you baby's pacifier never falls on the ground. If your kids love counting down to events that are happening, you can make a countdown chain made with fabric links with velcro on them. Each day the child removes one of the links in the chain. Also, the alphabet bean bags are pretty cute, and they are educational too, plus the kids can play games with them to make learning fun. Making coasters out of fabric scraps is another one of the great ideas from this list. You can create any shape you like with any colour of fabric to match your home decor. This would be a cute idea to give away as a gift for a housewarming. You can even make some cute diy jewellery out of fabric, who would have known? So make sure you head over to How Does She and check out all of the different diy ideas Katie has shared with us and try out your favourite ones.***

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