If you See a Snake Leave it Alone

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If you're out on a hike or walk and you happen to stumble upon a snake, the best thing to do is to leave it alone. Just stay far away from it and carry on your hike. Snakes are one of the animals that won't bite you unless they feel threatened. Most often, these creatures will only mess with someone who is messing with them. So anyone trying to kill or catch them they will protect themselves by biting. If you live in an area that is susceptible to snakes, you may get bitten so it's good to learn some things you can do right away while you're waiting to see a doctor. If a snake enters your home, you should call a professional to come and remove it, so it doesn't put you or your family in danger. If you have been bitten by a snake already, it's best not to move since this will increase your heart rate and circulation carrying the venom and toxins quickly through your body. You're also not supposed to lance the bite either as there is no proof that this works to remove the venom. Also, don't cut off the blood flow by tying something around the area as this may cause the limb to have to be removed.

The best natural home remedies for snake bites are to wash the area with soap and water right away to reduce infection, then to put a bandage on it right away. The simple life hacks from Mother Earth News say to apply some pressure to the wound but don't cut off the circulation. Then, go to the hospital right away as soon as you possibly can. The best thing you can do is to prevent a snake bite from happening in the first place. You should always do your research of any predators in the area including snakes. This is especially important if you go on long walks or hikes in nature. There are some simple life hacks and natural remedies for preventing snake bites including wearing clothing that will stop them from biting you. Since snakes are low to the ground, it's harder for them to bite above the ankle, so wear tall bооtѕ. Also, don't sit down or put your hands or arms into any tall grass or turn over logs or rocks since they hide under large objects like this and will bite if they feel surprised and threatened. Use your instincts and don't provoke a snake if you do see one, just calmly back away from it and then move around it.

Some of the other natural remedies for snake bites include lavender oil which will help you remain calm after you've been bitten by a snake. Calming down the heart rate will reduce circulation meaning that the venom won't spread as quickly throughout your body. You can just smell it right from the bottle and apply some on your wrists or behind your ears for stress relief. One of the other natural home remedies for a snake bite is tea tree essential oil which will help to clean and disinfect the wound so that it doesn't get infected. You can also take some echinacea which will boost your immune system the body's best defence against an intruding virus or substance. Apparently taking some turmeric could also reduce some of the inflammation caused by the snake bite. Most importantly, you must get yourself to the hospital emergency room right after getting a snake bite so it can be treated properly with modern medicine. But these are a few of the natural remedies for helping to reduce the negative effects of a snake bite until you get there.***

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