If You Think This Looks Like A Regular Coffee Table You are In For A BIG Surprise. Wow.

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This is one diy idea that you have to see to believe. This coffee table do it yourself home project is like nothing you've seen before, and after seeing you will want to make one for yourself. What is most amazing about this DIY idea is that a high school student made it. This project to do started off as a coffee table in a high school shop class, but the student took it to a whole new level. The do it yourself home project started out simply enough with the top of the table. The student then added the frame with room enough for some cool additions, to include table legs, and then the coffee table was ready for staining. Next, in this coffee table project to do, it was time for the student to start adding the electronic elements. Yes, electronic elements, and while this might seem strange in a coffee table DIY idea, this is one coffee table that every student will want to have. You will want to take a look at this fun project to do at the Boredom Therapy site.

This unique coffee table do it yourself home project is just one of the coffee table ideas you can make yourself. You can make coffee tables in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and to suit your budget. Making a coffee table yourself is a good way to save money, and you might learn a new skill along the way. A coffee table do it yourself home project is a good way to get a coffee table that suits your lifestyle and needs. Whether you choose to go out and purchase new lumber and some power tools to make a coffee table DIY idea or use some reclaimed wood or items, is up to you. You can also make a coffee table out of recycled items. An old wooden cable spool makes the perfect do it yourself home project for a coffee table, you can paint it white, decorate it with your favorite candles, and luminaries and you've got an inexpensive coffee table.

If you like the coffee table you already have, you can always consider refurbishing the coffee table as a do it yourself home project that won't cost you a lot of money. The whole refurbishing project to do will take at least a couple of hours, so it's a good idea to take the table outside so you can avoid breathing in any fumes. You want to start by wiping the coffee table down to help remove any dirt. After the table dries, one way of getting rid of the old finish is with a sander, to get rid of the old finish. Sand, the entire table, going with the grain of the wood to avoid scratches. Sandpaper works well if you don’t own a belt or orbital sander. Dig in first with a higher grit piece of sandpaper, then finish the sanding do it yourself home project with a finer one to help smooth down the wood. You can use steel wool to get any in-lay or molded bits. Wipe down the coffee table with mineral spirits to clean off dust and allow it to dry. Then it is time to stain the wood in the finish that you like. You will want to look at different wood stains and follow the instructions to get the finish that you like.

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