If You Think This Looks Like A Regular Coffee Table

Photo Credit: Boredom Therapy

Do kids seem to be getting smarter and more creative to you? You might agree with this though regarding this project when you see it, which, if you think this looks like a regular coffee table, you're in for a BIG surprise. Wow. Until I saw the photo layout, and even after I saw it, I could hardly believe what this young guy had built. Apparently he thought up and the design and did at least most of the work by himself.

This project just really emphasized for me how technologically savvy kids are these days. They seem to know and understand things that I can hardly get even now and I don't mean how to send an emoticon with my text messages! I do remember in high school barely being able to build the requisite battery for science class, so maybe that is partly why this kid's ability is so impressive.

This kid has built something so cool out of something so ordinary. I think Apple is going to phone him up and offer him a design job with the company. Or they should, anyway. This project combines extreme creative talent, wood worker'ss skill, plenty of knowledge about crafts, and of course, technology. Oh - and two-way mirrors.

It also looks as though our designer and builder reused a few pieces of material from around the house. I really admire that he was somewhat environmentally friendly in the design. More, of course, I was astonished at the result. This table top will be a reason that friends will come over just to see how it works. His family will undoubtedly be uber impressed with his talent and skill.

This design is entirely unique and can really encourage your own kids to try their hand at doing, making, creating, baking or building something that they have imagined. Without a lot of investment kids can really make some things that can surprise and inspire everyone around them.

I know I am going to inspire my kids today in to doing something they may have thought about but not yet had the opportunity to try. Who knows? It may be good enough to show on a website!

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