If YourTree Has a Boring Wobbly Base You Will Appreciate This Idea

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Do you love your artificial Christmas tree but wish that there was a way to cover up the ugly plastic stand at the bottom? Even if you buy a real live tree, you still need to put it into a stand that always sticks out so far from underneath the tree. Sure you can cover it up with a skirt, but you will still have some lumps from the tree stand. One member of the Hometalk community decided to cover up her artificial Christmas tree base with a box that looked like a gift. It's a great diy idea that anyone can do and the entire thing only takes about 15 minutes to put together. You have to love fun diy projects like this that you can whip up in no time at all and this diy idea will have your tree looking even more put together and more stylish. The previous years she didn't have any weight to the box which meant that the tree might tip over easily if there's too much weight on one side. With her new and improved design, she was able to create a box that is weighted so that your pets or kids won't knock it down or steal the skirt.

She used a moving box and taped it up so it would be really strong and sturdy. Then she cut a hole through the top of the box for the pole on the tree to go through. The box was also cut down so that it could lay flat with the base of the stand when it was sitting on the floor. Then she wrapped the box to look like a big Christmas gift in the same colours she was using to decorate her tree and home. Then, the pole goes through the hole and attaches to the base on the other side. Then you can set up your tree as usual and decorate it as you like. When Christmas rolls around, you can then place all of the presents around the one big present that's working as the tree stand cover. Some people might even be fooled into thinking that it's a real present. If you like to decorate your tree differently each year, you could also wrap your tree stand cover box in different wrapping paper each year. Have your kids help you out with it if you have kids.

There are so many great diy ideas for the holidays too; it's just a matter of choosing the ones you'll try out this year. When you go on websites like Hometalk, it's tempting to want to try them all out, but it's always best to pick out a few of your favourite fun diy projects each year. Other great diy ideas for your Christmas tree could include making your own ornaments with your family. Since Christmas time is all about being with family or friends for most people, it's nice to do something memorable like this to commemorate your time together and memories shared. You can make all sorts of different ornaments including all natural diy ornaments made out of treasures you find outside. You can also make all-natural ornaments out of clay and then paint them in the colours you like. Felt is also a great medium to work with when crafting little ornaments. Of course, this is also the perfect time to make some hot chocolate and put on some Christmas music or your favourite Christmas movies you like to watch each year. Try out this and some of the other diy ideas from Hometalk this year and see how they turn out for you.***

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