Inas Outrageous Brownies

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Even if you cut this recipe in half, which is easy to do, these really are Inas Outrageous Brownies. Brownies are hard to make when you have the amount of butter and chocolate involved that these ones do, but they are fabulous to eat. Make them on a day when you have the time to really focus on blending them correctly, so that they will not be dry, but will remain moist and fabulous. This recipe does a little cheat by adding in a leavening agent. The best brownies and the most classical ones get the air in to them by beating the butter, sugar, eggs and chocolate super well and filling the mixture with air, and relying on the culinary skill of the baker to achieve the rise that follows.

To begin, be sure that your chocolate, once you melt it, returns to room temperature. Do not let it be too cold or it could solidify in to chunks when you add it in to the butter and sugar blend. The butter and sugar blend do need to be whipped very well. This part of the recipe is likely best done with a commercial mixer (although originally all foods, brownies included, were blended by hand) in order to get the butter and sugar mixture as light as possible. Blending it for five to eight minutes is likely about right. The mixture will turn a much lighter color and look visibly airy. That is when you can add the room temperature chocolate. And that should be blended by hand. Then add in the flour, and very lightly mix it up, so that the flour is only just blended in. You do not want to lose all the air from the mixing you have done. Add the walnuts last and then only just blend them in to the mixture. Bake as directed.

Do not put an icing on these brownies. Instead, spend as much as you can afford on top quality chocolate. Brownies made according to this traditional recipe will have a unique flavor and very unique texture, with almost a crusty like top that is fabulous. With good chocolate, you do not need any other adornment in terms of icing or frosting, glaze or any thing else. The walnuts will provide a slightly bitter contrast in flavor to the overwhelming chocolate flavor, and that is the perfect complement to this dish. And the walnuts will also slow the absorption of all that sugar in this recipe, so do not skip the walnuts when you make these Inas Outrageous Brownies for your family and friends (enough for all if you make the recipe as is; otherwise, cut it in half). However you decide to make these Inas Outrageous Brownies enjoy them soon, won’t you?

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